Broken tiles Cloudy day in Chinatown Stage lights Covered chairs Stage lights Covered chairs Broken tiles Cloudy day in Chinatown
Dark inside the theater


There is a ton of work to do to bring the Great Star back. I’ve already started meeting with contractors to install a new handicap accessibility bathroom, fix the fire escapes, install heating, and all the other improvements that will make the theater comfortable, safe, and downright amazing. Unfortunately that’s all quite expensive, so any contributions you all can donate would be incredibly helpful for making this dream come true.

We are certified 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization, so any donations you make are tax deductible. Remember that this year with the CARES act, even if you take the standard deduction on your taxes, you can still can deduct up to $300 as an above-the-line tax deduction! That means if you donate this year, you can also write it off on your taxes and save up to $100 or so, depending on your tax rate. More details here from the IRS.

With your help we can bring the Great Star back to its former glory, and build a nonprofit community theater San Francisco Chinatown can be proud of!

How to donate

The best way to support us is to become a patron on Patreon. If you make a monthly contribution of at least $5 then you get some great perks, including a shout-out on our page and signage, early access to shows, and even more. We also have fancy exclusive memberships for those of you who would like to give (and get) even more.

Become a Patron!

If you prefer, you may also send a check to our offices at 1306 Portola Dr, San Francisco, CA 94127. Or donations can be made directly via PayPal or bank transfer, please contact us for details.

Cleaning supplies Everyone's help is appreciated Cleaning the lobby Cleaning supplies Everyone's help is appreciated Cleaning supplies Everyone's help is appreciated Working in the flyloft Cleaning the lobby
Helping with stage lighting


Due to Covid we are currently limiting the number of volunteers who can help us in person, but if you want to join us to help clean, fix plumbing or electrical or other maintenance issues, or even just provide guidance, please reach out to us!