Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck Devil in the Deck
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Devil In the Deck

Stunning magic, fascinating fables, and true stories make for fun family fare!

ThursdayJune 108:00pm

Live In-Person: Thursday, June 10 @ 8pm

FridayJune 118:00pm

Live In-Person: Friday, June 11 @ 8pm

SaturdayJune 128:00pm

Live In-Person: Saturday, June 12 @ 8pm

Devil in the Deck is the story of Jack Swindel, a gambler who, as a child, is cursed by a bad Tarot reading. His superstitious mother teaches him everything there is to know about Tarot, fortunetelling, and cheating at cards - all in some vague hope of breaking the curse and cheating death. In so doing, she leads him down the very road to perdition she had hoped to avoid. Jack travels the world searching for a cure and adventure, becoming the greatest gambler and card sharp of all time.

Each turn of the card reveals a new adventure presented by master magician and storyteller Paul Nathan. Much like his alter ego, Jack Swindel, Paul Nathan performs all over the world and the stories Nathan tells are all true (more or less) - and include running with the bulls, a three-card monte pitch in New Orleans, and cheating at cards with his father. Devil in the Deck is a series of carefully crafted adventure stories seamlessly interwoven with magic, all under the watchful eye of a camera and projected onto a giant movie theater screen. The close scrutiny makes the magician's skill all the more remarkable. As Jack Swindel, Nathan's illusions bring the audience inside the tale of a showman's travels, his cunning ways with cards, and his attempts to cheat fate.

Come to the show, and sort out for yourselves which parts are real and which are fantasy!

Directed by Drew Letchworth, a founding member of Fratelli Bologna, "Devil in the Deck" will delight all ages with its engaging characters, mystifying magic and absorbing, poignant stories.

About Paul Nathan

Unlike Swindel, Nathan is not a card cheat - though he does love gambling and card games. In most other respects Nathan’s life mirrors Jack Swindel. He seeks out adventure all over the world and uses it to fuel his craft. Scuba Diving in Guam lead to the development of an underwater magic show. Skydiving in Germany turned into a magic show at 20,000 feet. Like Jack Swindle, Nathan has run with the bulls and fell in love.

About John Anaya

John lives in Edinburgh Scotland with his wife where he studies and plays traditional folk music. John first went to Edinburgh performing at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and fell in love.

Age Restrictions

This show, while created for adults, is appropriate for ages 8+ and involves audience participation.


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